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By Ashley Heeley

Broad-spectrum CBD: why add terpenes?

Growing awareness surrounding the many benefits of CBD is creating a competitive market that can be tricky to navigate due to the vast amount of products available. This blog post is for those who want to better understand the benefits a broad-spectrum CBD oil can provide. By taking a closer look at Hippie Turtle Herbal Co’s “ZERO” range, we can see why adding terpenes creates a product more tailored to the individual's specific needs. 

First of all, there are 3 main classes of CBD oil:

  1. Isolate - this is the most processed form which contains only pure CBD; no THC or any other cannabis compounds.
  2. Broad-spectrum - partially processed in order to contain only trace amounts of THC; these oils retain a selection of cannabinoids and additional compounds such as terpenes. 
  3. Full-spectrum - goes through the least amount of processing and contains all the compounds found in the cannabis plant, including small amounts of THC.  

Full-spectrum oils offer many benefits due to what's known as the entourage effect; a renowned theory that claims various cannabis compounds work in conjunction to create more heightened results compared to their isolated counterparts. On the other hand, full-spectrum is not always ideal because many consumers are looking for a product they can take daily without THC. But opting for an isolate instead means potentially missing out on the benefits of the entourage effect, as the oil is stripped of all other cannabis components. Thus, many find broad-spectrum CBD to be the perfect middle ground, as although the processing removes some of the cannabis compounds (such as THC) others remain in tact, including some terpenes*. In fact, terpenes and other bioactive compounds can be added back into the oil, at higher concentrations, to create broad-spectrum oils that target different needs; by harnessing the combined effects of CBD and terpenes but with respectively zero THC.

Hippie Turtle Herbal Co’s “ZERO” range offers broad-spectrum CBD oils infused with extra terpenes to deliver tailored health benefits. Below is a short breakdown of each oil’s individual blend to help explain why those terpenes are chosen for their desired effects. 

  • Lucid
  • myrcene, citral, limonene, linalool

    Citral is added to all of the “ZERO” range in order to create a light, refreshing and zesty flavour to the CBD oil (which naturally tastes slightly muddy and unpleasant). In this particular blend linalool, a terpene found in lavender, is chosen for its sedative quality, and mycrene for its relaxing and pain-relieving properties. Lucid is designed for those who struggle with their sleep; the chosen terpenes work alongside CBD for a more relaxing and restful night's sleep. 

  • Zen
  • myrcene, citral, limonene

    Here, limonene has been chosen for its mood-boosting ability; it has been known to treat depression and works alongside CBD and fellow terpenoids citral and myrcene to help relieve anxiety and calm the mind. Zen is great for those who seek a balanced body and mind and is perfect for anyone looking for a CBD oil to help ground their emotions.

  • Aura
  • citral, beta carotene, linalool

    In this blend, Citral is added in higher quantities for its ability to reduce inflammation. Furthermore, beta carotene (vitamin A) is added to help support healthy skin, vision and immune system. Linalool is also included for the benefit of pain relief. This particular oil targets pain and inflammation in the physical body, ideal for active people; those with inflammatory-related health conditions; and to prevent age-related aches and sores. 


    The healthcare industry is highly saturated. We are bombarded with jargon that pulls us towards certain products without truly understanding their uses. The current cost of living crisis means it is more important than ever to be conscious consumers - disposable income is precious and understandably, no one wants to be ripped off! This clear explanation of the main types of CBD oils, and a closer look at the broad-spectrum oils available at Hippie Turtle Herbal Co hopes to provide customers with the knowledge needed to make empowered purchasing decisions.



    *For those who are unfamiliar with what terpenes are, they create the flavour profile of different cannabis strains, to learn more about them you can read this blog post here: Terpene or not terpene?