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CBD Muscle Rubs and Balms: Targeted Relief for Active Bodies.
Introducing our curated collection of CBD muscle rubs and balms – your natural companions for targeted pain relief. Crafted with precision, these topical CBD remedies are designed to support your body's recovery journey after intense workouts, alleviate joint discomfort, and provide respite from challenging menstrual cramps.

Expertly Formulated for Your Relief.
Hippie Turtle Herbal Co brings you CBD muscle rubs and balms that are backed by expertise. Our formulas combine the potency of broad-spectrum CBD and the goodness of organic essential oils, each chosen for their anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties.

Choose Your Soothing Sensation.
Whether you prefer the calming touch of cooling or the comforting embrace of warming, we have the right option for you. Our CBD muscle balms are available in both cooling and warming varieties, ensuring your experience of relief is as unique as you are.

How CBD Topicals Work: Nature's Touch, Lasting Comfort.
Discover the science of topical CBD. When applied, CBD interacts with CB1 and CB2 receptors present in your skin tissue, sending signals to the endocannabinoid system that help ease pain and inflammation in targeted areas. Unlike temporary numbing solutions, our CBD muscle rubs and balms work holistically to provide enduring comfort.

Unleash the Power of Nature's Ingredients.
Our muscle rubs and balms are infused with a potent blend of nature's finest:

- Menthol: Creates a cooling sensation, reducing pain perception. - Camphor: Derived from the Camphor tree, known for its anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties. - Thyme Oil: Infuses a pleasant aroma while contributing antioxidants and antimicrobial benefits. - Magnesium: Promotes muscle relaxation and maintains nerve function. - St. John’s Wort: A herbal remedy for muscle pains and cramps. - Arnica: Traditionally used to minimise bruising and swelling.

Customise Your Relief.
Select the strength that suits your needs: standard or high strength. Our muscle rubs and balms contain 500mg or 1000mg of CBD extract respectively, ensuring you have the potency required for your specific pain-relief journey.

Embrace Your Active Lifestyle with Hippie Turtle Herbal Co.
Unleash the potential of CBD-infused muscle rubs and balms. Designed for the active in you, these remedies blend the best of nature to provide precise, effective relief.
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