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Zen “ZERO” Oil

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Life always has a tendency to catch up with us. Work’s stressful, you have a big event coming up, or you’re having a particularly rough time with your stress and anxiety. We’ve got you. Take a breather and step back from the present moment and calm your mind and thoughts with our Zen “ZERO” Oil.

Packed with cannabinoids and infused with powerful, naturally calming terpenes, this THC-free oil is perfect for easing your mind and returning you to a more centred, balanced state. 

These oils are different from our “RAW” range in that they provide much more specific relief, uniquely tailored to promote a more calm and rested demeanor. Limonene, for example, has been shown to promote powerful antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, and mood boosting properties, perfect to help you get your moment of calm.

Available in 5% or 10%, you can pick the concentration that works best for your unique lifestyle and requirements.


Medium-chain triglycerides (coconut oil derived) 

Broad-spectrum CBD

Zen terpene blend (myrcene, citral, limonene)

Directions: Put three to five drops of the product under your tongue for better absorption. Leave for up to a minute before swallowing and repeat up to three times a day. Do not go over this amount. Keep out of the way of children and do not use if pregnant or breastfeeding.

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