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Lucid “ZERO” Oil

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We all know how a lack of sleep can trickle over, impacting all other aspects of our lives. So why not ensure you get a better night of sleep by getting your mind and body into the best place for deep, quality resting? Start calming your mind and muscles with our Lucid “ZERO” Oil, a great companion for a good night’s sleep.

Packed with cannabinoids and infused with a unique blend of natural terpenes associated with relaxing and sedative effects, this THC-free oil is great for helping you find a healthier, more restorative sleeping pattern.

This differs from our “RAW” range as these oils are designed to provide more targeted relief, uniquely tailored to support improved rest.

Available in 5% or 10%, you can pick the best concentration for your individual lifestyle and requirements. Myrcene, for example, has been linked to impressive sedative properties, helping reduce insomnia and boosting quality of sleep.


Medium-chain triglycerides (coconut oil derived) 

Broad-spectrum CBD

Lucid terpene blend (myrcene, citral, limonene, linalool)

Directions: Place 3-5 drops under your tongue up to three times a day. Do not go over this amount. Before swallowing, let it sit for 30-60 seconds. Keep out of reach of children. Do not use the product during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

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