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By Ashley Heeley

Benefits of CBD bath bombs

Benefits of CBD Bath Bombs

Who doesn’t love a warm relaxing bath? A good soak can help you unwind mentally, promote a good night’s sleep and ease stiff muscles. Adding CBD to your bath can boost these health benefits for your body, mind and soul.

CBD bath bombs could be a great way of experiencing the effects of CBD without having to ingest it into your system. To understand the benefits of CBD bath bombs, let’s first shed some light on CBD itself.

CBD is short for Cannabidiol, a chemical compound found in the cannabis sativa plant, this is one of a group of compounds called cannabinoids. CBD has been extensively studied, the results of which show that it may be beneficial for many common health concerns.

Why should you add CBD to your bath?

Anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxation benefits

CBD has powerful anti-inflammatory properties, because of this soaking in a CBD infused bath can help relieve pain and skin issues such as eczema.

CBD bath bombs containing essential oils have further therapeutic effects such as helping open the airways, relax the mind and provide soothing effects to your muscles. The heat of the water is synergistic with the pain relieving, anti-inflammatory, and relaxing effects of CBD.

CBD infused bath bombs combine with the effects of warm water to promote deep muscle relaxation. Hippie Turtle Herbal Co® 100mg CBD bath bombs contain additional essential oils and Epsom salts, this combination amplifies the soothing effects and releases tension from tight, achy muscles.

May benefit skin

CBD oil contains anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, and specific antioxidant properties, helping to make the skin more elastic, tighter and a more youthful appearance.

CBD bath bombs may also help reduce redness and irritation with skin issues such as psoriasis, eczema, and acne-prone skin. CBD seems to help the skin regulate sebum production, hence maintaining hydration and managing acne breakouts.

Look out for additional ingredients such as coconut oil or shea butter for additional skin hydration and nourishment. All Hippie Turtle Herbal Co® 100mg CBD bath bombs contain organic coconut oil, our Positive Vibes Only bath bomb features additional organic shea and cacao butters for extra skin nourishment.

Pain relief

CBD infused bath bombs can work as a reliable option for pain relief. The anti inflammatory properties of CBD oil help soothe inflamed areas and when associated with essential oils, Epsom salts and warm water it can yield quick relief. By adding pain relieving essential oils it not only provides  additional relief but also helping creates synergy with the CBD, further enhancing the benefits.

A study conducted at the University of Birmingham asked participants to soak in Epsom salts (magnesium sulphate) for 12 minutes and tested their magnesium levels after. They found the participants had increased magnesium concentrations in their plasma, which increased further with consistent bathing. Research into magnesium shows that it may benefit muscle recovery thanks to it’s role in oxygen uptake, energy production and electrolyte balance.

Mental clarity and anxiety relief

CBD bath bombs can bring the spa environment to your bathtub. The heat, essential oils, Epsom salts and CBD oil help to create a tranquil environment, melting away the stressors of the day. This is especially true with bath bombs containing essential oils like lavender, chamomile and citrus fruits.

D-Limonene a terpene found in citrus oils such as orange and grapefruit (it’s also found within full spectrum CBD extracts) is particularly helpful at easing anxiety and lifting mood. It’s actually been demonstrated in study to be more effective than pharmaceutical antidepressants.


CBD bath bombs can be a great addition to your bathing time, providing additional potential benefits such as pain relief, muscle relaxation, skincare and stress relief.

However, not all CBD bath bombs are made equal and many of which use cheap formulas containing isolate CBD and synthetic fragrances. We recommend bath bombs containing full spectrum CBD, as well as essential oils and Epsom salts. If you can opt for bath bombs containing organic ingredients and natural oils even better!

Hippie Turtle Herbal Co® CBD bath bombs hit all the above criteria and wrapped in entirely recyclable packaging, making them a great eco friendly option too. If you’d like to check them out click here to learn more.