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Sweet Dreams CBD Bundle

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We've put together a self care package for a restful and dreamy nights sleep. This collection will have your skin feeling refreshed and your body relaxed ready for a good nights sleep.

We've included:

Hippie Turtle Herbal Co® Dreams CBD Herbal Blend contains 6g of Raw Hemp oil containing 600mg of CBD per bottle, blended with 500mg of Angelica root CO2 extract and 200mg of Hops CO2 Extract. The perfect blend for a restful and restorative sleep, as well as a balancing female hormones and helping ease symptoms of PMS.

Hippie Turtle Herbal Co® CBD Face Mask range each contain 100mg of full spectrum CBD extract per bottle. All ingredients are 100% natural, planet kind and skin kind. We use french clay as a base, which when mixed with water creates a detoxifying, skin nourishing experience. Further enhanced by CBD's anti inflammatory properties which calms and revives irritated swollen skin. (Option for Dry, Oily, Sensitive and Mature skin types)

Hippie Turtle Herbal Co® Ocean Dream 100mg CBD Bath Bomb with calming effects from lavender essential oil and chamomile powder this bath bomb is perfect to relax before bed and promote deep sleep, as well as feeling fantastic on your skin.

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