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Our Herbal Blend range utilises the power of cold pressed hemp infused with other powerful natural herb extracts. Dreams contains cold pressed hemp oil with 600mg of CBD per bottle, blended with 500mg of Angelica root and 200mg of Hops.

The perfect blend for a restful and restorative sleep, as well as a balancing female hormones and helping ease symptoms of PMS. Angelica root is an ancient healing herb often referred to in Chinese medicine as "female ginseng" thanks to its hormonal balancing effect in women, which can help to ease menstrual problems. Additionally Angelica root has been shown to strengthen renal function, notably reducing the need for frequent urination through the night in those with smaller bladders. This reduces broken sleep patterns from frequent waking up, helping to get better quality sleep and feeling refreshed.

Hops is a flower usually associated with brewing beer, however, it's uses aren't just limited to beer. Several studies have demonstrated that hops have sedative effects on the body’s nervous system. Which not only helps to reduce stress but also to promote restful quality sleep. Hops is also beneficial for improving symptoms of menopause.



Cold Pressed Whole Plant Hemp Extract 6g ~ 600mg CBD (<0.2%THC)

Angelica Root 500mg

Hops 200mg

Cinnamon 150mg

(See COA for cannabinoid content)


Keep out of reach of children

Do not use during pregnancy and breastfeeding

Do not exceed recommended daily dose

Consult medical advice if taking other medication

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