Should you buy CBD from Amazon?

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Looking for CBD, Amazon must be the place to start right?

Perhaps you’ve heard about CBD but don’t quite know where to start, so like many people you look in popular marketplaces such as Amazon? Well today we’re going to shine some light on CBD and explore why it’s perhaps better to source CBD from a smaller independent company or shop than on Amazon.

Not all CBD products are made equal

When it comes to CBD quality matters, many manufacturers use heavily processed extracts or cheap isolate CBD. Whilst these oils are often sold at a discounted rate (sometimes not so much) their effects are significantly diminished. This is due to something called the entourage effect, where the full range of cannabinoids and phytonutrients, such as terpenes and cannaflavins, have greater benefits than CBD by itself. Such as those found in CBD isolate derived products, which can often contain harsh solvents left over from the extraction processes.

Aside from amplifying the effects they have on CBD, both terpenes and cannaflavins have their own health boosting properties such as the mood lifting, anxiety relieving D-Limonene or the anti inflammatory effects of Cannaflavins A & B.

These are considerations more likely to be taken into account by smaller companies due to a more in depth understanding of product quality. Whereas the extremely price competitive Amazon market may push sellers into selling cheaper lower quality products. Many independent companies will also present their third party lab test analysis results to prove the quality of their products. If these are not ready available it’s good practice to ask for one before purchasing so you can see the real strength and quality of the oil.

Here at Hippie Turtle Herbal Co® we pride ourselves on our Cold Pressed Raw Hemp CBD oil range. Meaning we get the cleanest, safest and most natural extraction whilst keeping all the cannabinoids and phytonutrients in tact, for a more effective and natural approach to CBD supplementation. This can be seen in our third party analysis tests, which can be viewed under our CBD oils section.

People over profits

Customer service is more personalised, hands-on and noteworthy from smaller businesses. As CBD affects people differently, one persons needs may not be true for that of another. By choosing an independent CBD company you have the option to get in touch with a friendly passionate expert that can give the best advice on CBD products suited for the individual. Meaning you get the best CBD product and customer experience that’s tailored to your needs.

While every business is different, what also makes customer care among small businesses more valuable is just that, being different. Product diversity and options are often far greater in small businesses vs. Amazon. Hippie Turtle Herbal Co® have an amazing range of unique high quality CBD products that you won’t find on Amazon. Such as handmade vegan, organic CBD bath bombs made with essential oils and natural colouring in a unique turtle design. As opposed to the mass produced bath bombs that are often lower in strength made with cheap CBD isolate. Often using synthetic fragrance oils with no therapeutic effect and harsh irritants on the skin.

Environmentally conscious
Sustainability matters but far too often cheap mass produced CBD products are wrapped in non recyclable packaging, in the case of CBD bath bombs they’re often shrink wrapped in one use plastic. Many CBD skin care products and muscle rubs contain ingredients derived from palm oil, which is responsible for the destruction of huge areas of the rainforest every year.

At Hippie Turtle Herbal Co® we believe CBD should be sustainable which is why our products are wrapped in recyclable packaging, are 100% vegan, natural and never contain palm oil. When we send out our parcels to our customers we use shipping boxes that are recycled/responsibly sourced, using paper packing sheets and biodegradable paper tape whilst still keeping shipping costs competitive (free shipping over £50).

Final thoughts

If you’re considering trying CBD products or looking to switch provider the best option isn’t necessarily using big well known distributors but rather passionate independent companies. Please consider supporting your local independent CBD store or take a look at our amazing CBD range in our online store for great quality CBD products with caring, tailored customer service.

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