Cold pressed CBD: What is it and how does it compare to other extraction methods?

Cold pressed CBD: What is it and how does it compare to other extraction methods?

CBD comes in many forms and can be extracted from hemp in a variety of different ways. All of which come with their own specific pros and cons. Many common extraction methods use high temperatures or solvents to extract oil. While these methods can be efficient, there is another method which is gaining popularity for it’s purity and high quality of extract produced.. cold pressing.

So let’s take a look at cold pressed CBD and how that compares with the other popular methods.

Cold pressed CBD involves pressing or crushing the plant matter from the whole hemp plant in order to extract a raw hemp/CBD oil. This is not to be confused with hemp seed oil, which only utilises the seeds and has very low cannabinoid content.

As the name implies, cold pressing is done at low temperatures. Whilst some heat is generated from mechanical friction, this is significantly lower than other methods including popular CO2 extraction. Many delicate plant phytonutrients are temperature sensitive and are often degraded or depleted using higher temperature extraction methods. Keeping temperatures low results in the extracted oil being far richer in these sensitive nutrients, contributing to the entourage effect and producing greater efficacy of the end product.

Cold pressed hemp oil is also considered to have a better flavour and aroma, which is down to the higher concentration of terpenes and monoterpenes found within the extract.

Terpenes, entourage effect.. What on earth does that mean?

Terpenes are produced by the plant to protect itself from insects and natural conditions. Terpenes are commonly found in many other fruits and herbs, including citrus fruits and even wine. Interestingly, they act on various bodily systems which can help regulate major functions like sleep, appetite, mood, and motor control. The idea behind the entourage effect is that terpenes and other plant nutrients found within the cannabis plant can boost or modulate the therapeutic efficacy of cannabinoids interaction with the body’s own endocannabinoid system (ECS).

Okay, so if cold pressed CBD is so great why do most companies use solvent based extraction?

Whilst cold pressed hemp produces a higher quality CBD oil, it also results in a lower yield. Higher temperatures reduce overall nutrient content but the heat makes the plant matter softer and easier to breakdown, resulting in higher yields and ultimately higher profits. At Hippie Turtle Herbal Co we're committed to providing the best quality natural products rather than maximising profits. This is why we use cold pressed hemp for all our CBD tinctures, check them out here.

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